About Bioteem40

At BioTeem40 we know your health and your time are important to you. That’s why we believe in simplified nutrition. Why start your morning sorting and swallowing multiple pills when you can get up, take one delicious shot and get going? We’ve carefully selected the fundamental vitamins, minerals and bioactives, coupled with essential probiotics so you can feel great inside and out. Helping you spend less time in the supplement cabinet and more time on what’s important to you is what’s important to us.

Our Philosophy

It all starts with
a healthy gut.

What good are healthy foods chalked full of nutrients and vitamins if your body isn’t absorbing them, or if they’re passing through too quickly to digest? Fundamental nutrition starts with a healthy gut. The long tract from your mouth to the bowel hosts a consortium of microbiota, collectively called your microbiome. When this complex relationship of good bacteria and yeast work together, your gut is happy, and you feel good because your body can readily absorb the nutrients from the food you eat, giving you energy and life. When the balance is off, bad bacteria can take over, leading to things such as IBD, IBS, fatigue, digestive issues and malnutrition. It can even affect your mental health.

There are many reasons why your gut balance may be off. With our carefully selected strains of clinically backed probiotics, essential nutrients and specialized bioactives, Bioteem40 is a convenient way to give your gut everything it needs to be at its best.


Great ingredients.
No compromises.

We believe in wholesome goodness with every delicious shot. That’s why we only use naturally sourced ingredients in all our formulations. You don’t want to put artificial chemicals, preservatives and additives in your body, so why would we put them in our products?

We have carefully selected plant-based botanicals, marine sourced algae and naturally occurring complexes chalked full of vitamins, minerals, omegas, and antioxidants to fuel your body. Naturally derived ingredients are bioavailable and are found in natural forms that your body can easily absorb. We keep it easy and wholesome with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives! 

Supplements and Gut health simplified.


Pour and measure
a 60ml portion.

Enjoy the delicious
boost to your day.