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Product Quality:

Our products are dated with a 3-month expiration from date of manufacture. Fresh product is made weekly. Our products are stamped with a 8-week Best Before date: which is the date in which the product should be consumed to ensure highest product quality. Best before dates are used to indicate that the concentrations of ingredients remain at those levels. Expiration dates are dates in which the product should be discarded.

We only use naturally sourced ingredients in our products. Small amounts of beet juice are used to give the products a red color. Beyond the best before dates, our product color may fade but the quality and safety are guaranteed

If the product is left in the fridge for long periods of time without use, the product may thicken up. Simply shake the product to regain desired consistency.

Our products are intended to be refrigerated at 4ºC, however, left out of the fridge for a few hours should be OK. Use your discretion, if the product starts to bloat or tastes off, discard.


Within certain geographical areas, we have next day shipping (24 hours), some transit times may be longer. We refrigerate all of our shipments in high quality recyclable paper insulation with frozen gel packs. Products upon delivery should be cool to the touch, not warm. If the product does not arrive cool, we will issue a new shipment. See our shipping policy.

If there are delays in transit time and arrives beyond the expected delivery date. We will issue a new shipment at the next available shipment time. See our shipping policy.

Product Safety:

Yes! Our products are safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding so long as you do not exceed the recommended daily servings.

Depending on the supplements yes! Always check with your healthcare provider or one of our Customer Service Representatives if you have questions.

Yes! But it is best to check with your healthcare provider.

Although not normally necessary, if you feel like you need an extra boost you can consume more than the recommended serving. Our products contain ingredient concentrations that are safe to consume ad libitum – or as desired.

We have not specifically studied hormone interactions with this product, we have had no customer concerns or any indication of hormone interferences based on supporting literature from product ingredients.

Product efficacy:

Results vary based on consumer underlying base level of health, diet, etc. We have seen relief from IBS, rosacea or skin issues within the first week of product use. With any supplement use, it may take a few weeks to see real results. We implore a 30-day product use challenge to really gauge results.

Some consumers have seen relief in as soon as one week! Try our 30-day product challenge to really gauge your results

We have seen remarkable improvements with product use with IBS individuals. Our products are loaded with anti-inflammatories, fiber and probiotics to aid in better managing IBS symptoms. Probiotic use has been shown to improve transit times, reducing number of daily bowel movements and improving consistency. Check out some of our IBS testimonials and try the product for yourself!

It has been documented that some probiotic strains can improve weight management with use over 6-8 weeks of use. Although not a claim, try it for yourself and see!

Although not specifically studied, we have had customer reviews attesting to menstrual pain relief

Yes! Probiotics aid in the digestion of foods rendering more available energy for use. In addition, we provide you bioactives your body needs for normal body metabolism!

General Questions:

Product ingredients and concentrations can be found on the Supplemented Facts Table on the product labels, or on our website under View Nutritional Information

Yes! We do not provide every vitamin or mineral required for specific health requirements, if your healthcare provider has suggested you need additional vitamins (e.g., B12) in your diet, you can supplement our products with your own vitamins.

First time probiotic users may experience bloating, gas or increased regularity within the first few days, this is normal. Our probiotics are reestablishing themselves and need to flush your system.

Our magnesium and calcium are sourced from a high potency marine alga that bioaccumulates these minerals. They are found in their elemental forms which has increased bioavailability for better absorption.

We use marine hydrolyzed collagen in our Skin & Anti-aging formula. There are no animal products in the General Health & Immune Support Formula.

Yes! Our products are fermented from coconut milk and do not contain lactose

We use small amounts of erythritol – a naturally occurring sweetener found in fruits and vegetables

We use cornstarch as another one of our five hydrocolloids components to help keep our ingredients in solution and give it a nice mouthfeel. Cornstarch is NOT high fructose corn syrup. Corn syrup is a processed form of cornstarch, which is then further processed to High Fructose Corn Syrup.