Meet Our Founders


Our Story

We are Bioteem, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the probiotic and supplement industries. With six years of deep industry immersion, we’ve studied existing market offerings and identified their technological limitations. Leveraging nearly 40 years of collective experience, Bioteem aims to redefine conventional supplement norms for the benefit of Canadians’ health and wellness.

Our approach is innovative and comprehensive. Recognizing the complexity of our bodies’ needs, we have developed innovative products to simplify your health your wellness. Bioteem offers a single daily shot that heals, nourishes, and renews—a testament to our dedication and the efficacy of our hard work.


Our Vision

Our vision is to improve and simplify the health and wellness of Canadians through an innovative, holistic approach to nourishing the body. We aim to eliminate barriers to healthy living, such as complex supplement regimens that are often overlooked. Our goal is to simplify consistency, ensuring you get the most from our products.

Meet The Founders

Dr Abdullah Kirumira

Dr. Kirumira brings 40 years of expertise in Medical Biotechnology and Functional Medicinal Foods to Bioteem. He has been designated as one of the original pioneers of the Biotechnology Industry in Atlantic Canada and credited with over 20 medical inventions and products. Dr K has been recognized internationally as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in Davos,  Switzerland;  an inductee at The London Science Museum, The Economist Magazine Innovation Hall of Fame, Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist;  an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Acadia University, recognizing his pioneering work on technology transfer across the Industry/Academia interface, and more recently,  a 2017 Canada Centennial Vanguard Inductee among  “150 Years of Remarkable Nova Scotians”, at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax.

Glyn Davies

Glyn has been Dr. K’s trusted partner for 8 years, translating their ideas into reality. An expert formulation scientist and functional nutritional specialist, Glyn excels at transforming concepts into marketable products. His potential was evident early on when he achieved FDA and Health Canada approval for his first medical device at just 21 years old. With Dr. K’s vision to pioneer a new era of Holistic Natural Therapeutics through Medicinal Functional Foods, Glyn dedicated 4 years to bringing Bioteem to fruition. With over a decade of hands-on experience, specializing in product development, formulation, scale-up manufacturing, and FDA & Health Canada compliance, he serves as the principal architect overseeing technology transfer, commercialization, and strategic planning for the Bioteem product line.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support Canadians throughout their health journeys by offering affordable health solutions. We believe everyone deserves access to proper nutrition, which is why we collaborate closely with Canadians to drive our research and development of nutritional products. Our founders are keenly aware of the unnecessary loss of life in underdeveloped countries due to infant and maternal malnutrition. They are dedicated to addressing this gap by creating affordable nutritional solutions for infant and maternal health.

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